My 15 Best Travel Tips!

PLAN ahead! You either need to book well ahead of time or try for last minute deals. Make sure your passport has at least 6 months on it from your return date.

LIMIT how many destinations you go to! Make sure you’re not spending all your time rushing around trying to fit everything in.

STREAMLINE your packing! Make a list and stick to it, especially if you’re going to be moving around a lot. And, you want to have room for those souvenirs!


BUY tickets online for popular attractions! You’ll spend less time waiting in line ensuring it will be more enjoyable when you get there.

TRAVEL in the shoulder season! You’ll have fewer crowds and lower costs.

DO your research! Learn about the place you’re going to for a more meaningful trip. Read about the weather, visas, appropriate clothing, vaccinations, customs, tipping and more.


AVOID stress! Give yourself the gift of time. Pack earlier. Arrive at the airport earlier than you need to, and give yourself a longer layover.

BE flexible! Even the best-laid plans can get sidetracked in an instant. Patience is very important while traveling.

TAKE an extra credit card with you! It’s smart to have a backup. Make sure to use no-fee credit cards and put a travel alert on them.


MAKE extra copies of your passport and important documents! Carry them in your suitcase, and email them to yourself as well.

TRY new things! You never know when you’ll have the chance again.

LEARN a few common phrases in the local language! A simple “Please” or “Thank you” can go a long way.


BUY travel insurance! It’s the most important thing you hope you never have to use, and a medical emergency abroad can cost more than you think.

USE your social network! Someone may know the perfect place for dinner or the best hike in the area you’re going to!

GET Global Entry! For only $100 you get both Precheck privileges and the ability to speed through customs in minutes. Good for 5 years!



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