Travel Bulletin

American Is Reducing Legroom

American is ordering new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft that have will have 170 seats instead of 160. To fit the extra ten seats in they’re reducing the space between the seats by 2 inches, from 31 inches to 29 inches in 3 rows. All the other rows will be reduced by 1 inch. Not only that, but the bathrooms will be smaller. Enjoy your “extra” space while you can, as these planes go into service at the end of the year.

Loose Change

Have you ever wondered what happens to that loose change you forgot to pick back up after going through TSA screening? TSA collects it and puts it into a special account to be used for improvements to civil aviation security. Last year they collected a whopping $868,000! Passengers at JFK were the most forgetful – their portion was $70,615!

Alaska Is Officially Retiring Virgin America

Alaska Airlines has decided to officially retire the Virgin America brand sometime in 2019 and operate all of it’s flights under the Alaska brand. They’ve promised to maintain a “modern, warm and welcoming vibe”. However, they will be doing a complete redesign including new cabins, seats, music and uniforms. They will be keeping the mood lighting and will expand business and first class options. They’ll also be renovating some of the lounges. I’ll be sad to see Virgin America go!

Cosmopolitan Hotel Has a Robot Concierge!

The Cosmopolitan Hotel has a new concierge named Rose, and she’s a robot. Guests are encouraged to text Rose with any requests they might have from recommending a great restaurant to sending up more towels. She can even recommend events and help guests purchase tickets. She’s supposed to have a distinct personality and a good sense of humor!

EU to End Mobile Roaming Charges in 2017!

In December the European Commission voted to approve what it termed a “fair use policy” that will eliminate the charges for phone calls, texting, and data. Starting June 15, 2017, travelers will be able to use their mobile devices anywhere in the EU and pay the same price they would at home. This means that the EU will put an end to extra charges when all travelers are calling, texting and surfing abroad from their mobile phones and devices.